The burlap-wrapped bodies were unearthed near remote Gilgo Beach on Long Island’s South Shore over a decade ago.

Terrifying residents and leaving the victims’ families bereft. The remains of nine women, a man, and a toddler were discovered.

For this reason, investigators have tried to determine whether or not the killings were devoted by using one man or woman or through more than one killer. 

However, for extra than a decade, the case went nowhere.

Then, on Thursday, Rex Heuermann, an architect who had lived most of his life in Nassau County and worked in Manhattan.

was taken into custody, and a bail application said he had been charged in three killings and was the prime suspect in a fourth. 

Before his arrest, investigators had sifted through clues as simple as a monogrammed belt and as sophisticated as the electronic signals of disposable mobile phones.

By Friday morning, police officers had cordoned off Mr. Heuermann’s home.

Asmall, one-story house with faded red paint, on a block of First Avenue in Massapequa Park, where vehicles and officers converged on the scene.